The Amgen Difference

Unlocking the Potential of Biology for Patients

The knowledge to defeat some of the world's most harmful diseases is filed away in our biology.

At Amgen, we are both students and teachers of biology. Amgen brings together many of the very best scholars, scientists and professionals.

We are united and steadfastly focused on a single mission—helping patients.

It's what drives us to push the boundaries of science, to transform medicine.

We dedicate our days to turning the tide on serious, life-interrupting illnesses—to make a positive difference for our families, our friends and our communities.

Before we attack a disease, our researchers study it closely—watching the body's most subtle changes, exploring its mechanisms in new ways to better understand the causes of disease.

Over decades, this has given us deep expertise in biotechnology, mastering the complex art and science of engineering and manufacturing medicines through the use of living cells.

Now, Amgen is at the forefront of a new biocentury.

Who We Are

Our Strategy

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